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BioHiTech Global

BioHiTech Global develops and deploys innovative and disruptive waste management technologies. With a commitment to providing immediate Data Analytics and Transparency into waste generation combined with cost effective Waste disposal technologies, BioHiTech Global is a leader in Zero Waste solutions for businesses and municipalities of all sizes.

Learn about our subsidiaries:

BioHiTech America and BioHiTech Europe

BioHiTech America and Europe are providing businesses around the world with on site tools to help drive efficiencies by identifying wasteful behavior then subsequently offering a more cost-effective and environmentally efficient disposal options for what remains.

The Revolution Series and Eco-Safe Digesters® use aerobic digestion technology to eliminate food waste at its origin. This clean technology uses microorganisms and oxygen to safely and quickly break-down food waste and discharges it to a standard sewer line. The Digesters are modern, smart, network-connected devices that can be monitored across large numbers of locations under one brand.

BioHiTech Cloud™ uses Big Data technology to collect real-time operational data from the Digesters, providing users with powerful reporting and analytics tools. BioHiTech Cloud offers unparalleled visibility into the organic waste stream, allowing businesses to measure their waste program, while identifying innefficiencies in food management processing. These technologies have helped our customers initiate process improvements to create immediate impacts to their P&L.

E.N.A. Renewables

E.N.A. Renewables, through its joint ventures, will be the first to introduce a proprietary system of Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) to the United States.

Utilizing a combination of automated sorting equipment, enhanced biological composting, and mechanical refinement, the High Efficiency Biological Treatment (HEBioT®) process will ultimately remove recyclables, produce a clean alternative fuel and achieve approximately 80% landfill diversion. Our MBT technology is perfect for larger generators of food waste, municipalities, and corporations with Zero Waste initiatives.

A Complete Offering

The combined offerings of BioHiTech Global offer our customers a full suite of technology based disposal options capable of having a significant impact on waste generation while providing a true zero landfill environment. With options for both on and off site biological treatment of waste, BioHiTech Global is a "one stop sustainability shop" for any size generator of waste.

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